Perhaps I was wrong about spiders


Since I just noticed that this spider clearly has Cthulhu on it’s back. Hmm.

spider photo

Female Argiope aurantia; source Wikipedia

This actually is a harmless and common garden orb weaverArgiope aurantia. They are large, but are not a risk to humans.  When asked for comment about the decoration on her back, she said:

“Unglnu’nph k’lyeh hngilu’phth’n, l’yi? Rg’hlia k’gr ph’nglui mglw’nafh. F’nagn rg’hlia gr’rnua.”

Translation:  “I consume insect souls for a living, okay? It’s my job. Just shut up and let me do my job.”

Hat tip to FB for finding this!

10 thoughts on “Perhaps I was wrong about spiders

  1. Amy

    I have an Argiope aurantia on my porch… but she has not been so kind to talk to me. Probably because she’s not as cool because she has no Cthulu on her back! Psh… common spiders, lol.

  2. Sigh*! The spider of my Iowa childhood. I used to roam around through fields and collect these by the dozen. I could let them crawl all over me, and I would often pop one into my mouth to surprise people. I was never bitten.
    Then I would release most around my yard, and a few in my bedroom. They would spin their webs, and there they would spend the remainder of their lives with me catching lots of live insects for them. Needless to say I had cool parents who were very accepting of spiders in the house (but not caterpillars or snakes for some reason). School would start, with lessons about the American revolution, algebra, and who knows what. But this little bit of summer would stay with me until the first frosts.
    Now I live in Michigan, and where I live these beauties are nowhere to be found. *Sigh*.

  3. So cool. We have a few in our field and go out to talk with them all the time. So beautiful. Will have to compared the decorations with your friend here…

  4. Spideys are my fav. The only time I don’t particularly care for one is if I accidentally ride my tractor mower through an un-seen web — and a banana spider (another orb weaver) winds up perched perfectly on my nose. Not quite as big as yours there, but close!! Yesterday, my kids rescued a garden spider with all her babies on her back, trapped on a chair in the shallow end of a pool. I’d like to think that’s building good karma for next summer’s grass-mowing — and webs put a bit higher than usual.

  5. I live in lower Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit. I do see an occassional banded argiope (A. trifasciata). Maybe the distribution of the larger black and yellow argiope is patchy here. Anyway, love the post.

  6. Hi, Shannon. Wolf spiders carry babies on their back, and so that may be the one you found in the pool. In any case is always good karma to rescue our 8 legged friends from pools, bathtubs, etc.

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