Should I give up on it?

So, I’m at home working on the grant (ok, I’m really waiting for a huge virus protection file to download, and writing in my blog). Anyway–

In the process of getting the grant stuff together, I went over my big collection of advertising references and books and misc. stuff. The original idea was to write a paper about how the stereotypical entomophobia of women derived from the hygiene movement at the
turn of the century. Until very recently, insects were just permanent residents of the household. The hygiene movement taught women that the home needed to be clean–spotless, even. Failure meant one was slovenly. A poor mother. And maybe a slut.

And, of course, you needed to BUY things to achieve that healthy home.
Anyway, some of the early ads are pretty entertaining. One of my faves was a Scott toilet paper ad from around the 1920’s. It features a bunch of surgeons looking at a patient on an operating table, and the headline “…and it all began with harsh toilet tissue.”

However, I’m just not excited about the idea any more, and I have this huge new thing to deal with, that certainly will move me farther along towards where I want to go in entomology. So, I’m going to trade in my books and recycle the paper.

And now, I swear, I will stop playing with the new computer and mucking around with the blog, and get some work done.