I’ve been so busy, haven’t been able to write much lately. First the mundane catching up:
Sent manuscript off to collaborators.
So far, they like it!Worked many long 14 hour days last week, but had a good time, met lots of great students. Alas, the event we planned was so crowded I had to leave early.
Too. Many. People.
I also was so exhausted that by the end of the evening I was just about incoherent.

Me: “Oh God, I’m soooo tired.”
Coworker: “Really? Why?”

Me: (glares at coworker; counts to 10) “Two words: Pheno barbitol.”

Me: “Uh, wait. One word. Two syllables.”

Me: “No, 4 syllables. No. Wait…”
Coworker: “Yeah, you’d better go home now.”

Not sure that I made my point that my epilepsy meds were the reason I was so tired,
but at least I got sent home :)

So, now you’re caught up, and on to the interesting stuff:
Friday I felt nasty–very achy and crampy. I slept all morning and headed off to ML’s house that evening. Was fine, but woke up with horrid cramps, and then started feeling nauseated. Then I *really* started getting sick.
Oh, and at the same time all this is happening, we had a record snowfall. Over 12 inches in one day, and high winds.

Poor ML volunteers to walk to the drug store and get me some Immodium and a bucket. He comes back covered in snow with multiple kinds of drugs. I eventually manage to keep some of them down, and go into lay on his bed.
Things are a little fuzzy about just how it all came about, but I think I was apologizing for being so sick, and he was telling me to not worry about it. Suddenly he blurts out: “Why don’t we get married?”
(I was a bit woozy, so sorry if I got the exact wording incorrectly.)

Had I only known 20 years ago that the way to get a guy to commit was to be violently ill in his apartment, my life would have been very different :D

So, rather excited, and terrified.
I have no idea how this job/distance thing will ever be resolved. I think that will be the first
big fight, and I have no idea what will happen. Scary Scary Scary.
So far it’s been suspiciously…….easy.
We don’t fight. We get along well. That can’t be right, can it?

Anyway, don’t look for big pouffy dresses anytime soon (or ever, really–SO not my scene!)
We’re just sort of discussing having a discussion about this topic at a date to be named later some time in the future.
When we will then discuss it. The M thing, that is.

But I’m still irrationally happy about it.
And thus endeth this sappy blog post.

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