2 fun Kung Fu Movies

I realized this afternoon that I am now one of the annoyingly content COUPLES type-people that used to so aggravate me when I was single. I’m afraid I’m rather enjoying it, too, and I hope I’m not making all my single friends nauseated.

Anyway– ML came up this weekend, and we watched another very silly martial arts movie.

A couple of weeks ago we watched “Butterfly Sword ,” and ended up listening both to the English dubbed version, and reading the subtitles. Generally, there was no real correlation between the dialog on screen and the spoken words.
As a bonus, the dialog occasionally had an entertaining Canadian flavor–you just don’t expect a film set in Imperial China to have lines like “What a looser, eh?”

Some of the movie was dang funny even without the silly dialog–but probably only to Westerners. The men sported an amazing assortment of headgear, from tiny pillboxes with gauzy veils to full-on Queen Latifa-type crowns.

A husband asks if his wife has farted–“No honey, Look–I made stinky tofu!!” The husband digs in with delight. (Me, food that smells like a fart, I’m a little more cautious about.)

You get the idea. ML can probably describe it much better than I can, but I will say it was very entertaining, and well suited to a little MST3K treatment. Also, Tony Leung and Michelle Yeoh were wonderful, as usual.

This week we watched “Encounters of the Spooky Kind,” written and directed by Sammo Hung. Again, to Western eyes, it was just…odd. Particularly the hopping zombies.

Whenever the evil sorcerer summoned up a corpse, they seemed unable to do anything but hop. Quite sprightly hopping, mind you, for a dead person, but hopping, none the less.
(My theory was that your knees go when you’re dead.)

Anyway, I now am trying to find out if this is a traditional element of Chinese ghosts, or if it was for comic effect. According to this site, it seems to be legit!
At some point Sammo did finally get to kick some evil butt–It’s amazing how agile he is for someone his size. Oh, and you also get to see Sammo starkers. And in a red petticoat.

There is also some wonderful dialog as well:
“You have a very large altar. But mine is bigger!”

Unfortunately, the last minute of the movie was a major downer–he beats the crud out of his wife. Now, she did try to frame him for murder with the old guy she was having an affair with. But the violence of it was startling. Again, maybe just a Western thing–you don’t–in theory–hit girls here, so it’s shocking to see.