Yay! Oh. Crap.

The fridge continues to smell funny, so I decided to try once more to find the source of the stink. (Removing the slimy drip pan didn’t do it.)
Looks like a mouse climbed up into the motor, made a nest in the fiberglass insulation, and then died.
So, now I’ve found the source of the smell, and don’t have to buy a new fridge, right?

Er, no. Before he passed on, looks like the mouse–or the previous owner’s dog–chewed the power cord right through.
Little wires are poking out. Alas, the de-stinkified fridge still needs to go.

In today’s grant news:
Turns out that I misread the instructions for the letter of intent to NSF. It’s 2500 characters long, not 2500 words long. I had a lot of extra words! Once I had the shortened version, I spent about an hour this morning trying to get the bloody website to accept my abstract. I finally figured out that spaces count toward the character total.