not quite what I meant…

I’m hitting the home stretch on my grant, and I realized last night that I had written past the point where I made sense. I’m trying to get the feds to give me money to develop an environmental education website for teachers. I was trying to explain why we didn’t want it to be for students, and it got a bit silly:

In creating online resources for environmental educators, the last thing we want is to encourage educators to have children spend time on-line investigating nature….Watching movies or looking at photos is nice, but can never replace actual hands-on experience. While the Discovery Channel is fascinating, it’s really just nature pornography: the natural world shown only as beautiful or wonderful, with the ugly, smelly, or grunty bits glossed over.

Er, I’m thinking I need to rephrase this…..(or at least take out the “hands on” part :)

I am so, so, so happy that I am finally making progress. I wish that I had another week to make it better, but at least I am getting it done, and worst case, will get rejected with comments on how to make it better.