Xena, Squirrel Princess

Small mammals of the world: Fear me!
Yep, I caught the ground squirrel that had been digging up and eating all my lilies. Ha! That’ll teach you to fuck with MY bulbs, you little bastard!

It was amazingly easy too–I just went down to the local TSC and bought a Havahart trap. I put some peanut butter in the trap, and then… spent about an hour trying to get the damn thing set. As soon as I got one side up, the other would flop down.

I finally set the trap, and ML and I went off to dinner. When we got back–captive squirrel! I did a happy squirrel dance (not a squirrely happy dance, no matter what ML says:) and the next morning let him (the squirrel, I mean) go in the graveyard about a 1/2 mile from my house.

ML was a huge help this weekend–he helped me put the sealant and trim on the new door, and also held chicken wire & hardware cloth while I attempted to make the back yard more squirrel-proof. Unfortunately, I felt pukey sunday, so spent most of a very lovely day inside. ML not only was nice enough to drive me to the store, later on while I was asleep he put the dishes away and cleaned the kitchen!!