So, yeah, I’ve been MIA lately, partly because I was feeling funky, and partly because I was bummed about my grandfather dying.

I wanted to write something that would express how much I would miss him, and how wonderful he was.
I wanted to write about his sense of humor, and what a mensch he was, and also how he could be a stubborn old coot.  I’ve been trying to express how big he was, not just physically, but also how larger than life.
I always thought he was a giant as a kid–he was shaped like a triangle, with these huge shoulders. As I got older, he got smaller. And, now, has disappeared.

The Tuesday after he died, two guys came by to cut up my giant log. I couldn’t think of a more fitting tribute. Grandaddy would have LOVED the portable sawmill, and the little skid steer cat, and also just looking at the beautiful walnut wood.
It was the perfect memorial service.

Thanks, Morning Woodworks!
(and I promise it’s safe to click on a link that has “morning wood” in the title from work.)

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