that *was* amazing!

Here is where I was for part of this week: The Amazing Meeting 4

Totally awesome. There was a great roster of speakers–I especially enjoyed Christopher Hitchens (despite his unfortunate politics), Richard Wiseman , the Mythbusters , and Mr. James Randi, of course!

Other highlights:
Astronaut Ed Lu gave a really moving speech about not making assumptions in science on the 20th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.

Mack King had a really fun magic show for all the attendees. (and it wasn’t extra, like Jeremy Ian Swiss ‘ show, which I’m very bummed I couldn’t afford. He is clearly one of those scary smart people, and it would be neat to see him in action.)

Some of the coolest things were not on the program, though: I spent a half an hour or so playing with Julia Sweeney ‘s adorable daughter.  Julia S. is not only a really neat person, but also very, very beautiful. I’m glad I left ML at home.
At that same party, I got to talk a little with Karen Russell, another smart beautiful woman. Quite honestly, the place was just lousy with smart beautiful women, and I’m glad to be back in the midwest, where there’s less competition.

1969 Physics Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gell-Mann , namer of the quark, examined my tattoos at a party. I am now validated as a scientist. He was, however, much more interested in the 20-something girls at the party, so moved on from me to more interesting….particles.

I had a nice conversation with Paul Provenza about the new release of Aristocrats. ML had noticed in an advertisement that it had been released on DVD with an “R” rating, so I asked Provenza about that. Turns out it is released as unrated–he thought that Best Buy and other chains had just stuck a rating on it, to make it easier to sell. I put in a plug for Resonance , ML!

I got some very entertaining “literature” from hookers.

Mostly, though, it was fun to hang out with other members of the JREF , and to have some great discussions. I don’t think I’ve talked that much for months.

Also, I swear I wasn’t involved in this.

But, now I’m ready for home. I miss ML, and I really am sick of being in smoke-filled rooms with flashing lights.