Yay! It’s officially summer–the first lightning bugs of the year showed up yesterday.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence they are decreasing these days. Fortunately, it is anecdotal, so it might just be perception, not reality.
I hope so–it’s one kind of magic I never get tired of.

In other local nature news, I am still battling the THING that is living in our old cistern. When the guys were here fixing the porch, they apparently stepped into the old cistern, and then dug it out to have a look. It’s actually about 2 feet across–just a round brick-lined hole at least 4 feet deep. I covered the hole with chicken wire, and then replaced the tarp that goes under the porch, and that diverts the rain
water away from the foundation. That was over a week ago. Each night, the THING digs into or out of the hole, and I have to do this again.
And again.
And again.

I have covered it with hardware cloth. I’ve put mothballs in the hole. I’ve held the hardware cloth down with a 1 foot square cement slab. Then Two slabs. And, yesterday, Three slabs. The THING is a very good digger, and is also strong enough to shove some of the rocks and cement around a little.

My sister suggested a raccoon, and she’s probably right. But I’m beginning to think it’s really an alien.
I went out and purchased a Big trap, and have baited it with a banana. I will either have a raccoon or a monkey in the morning.

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