PZ Meyers (Pharangula) has an awesome post about Stalk-Eyed Flies today! Definately check that out.

Also, in case you missed it: Vampire runs for president, promises to impale GW Bush if elected.

Best of all, the headline is mispelled, and calls him a “Santanic Candidate.” I guess he nees to change his evil ways… :D
I also can’t blame the secret service agents investigating him for not asking to see his “impaling stick. ” I think that’s rather like being invited to look at somone’s etchings.

Pharangula has some additional details on the odd career of John the Impaler. You can also read his official filing to run for president in 2008. Seriously. Note that he is the candidate of the “Vampyres, Witches, and Pagans Party.”

Dude. A bit of advice: you’re gonna have to quit spelling Vampire in such an affected way to connect with middle america.

Edited to add: O. M. G.

I was waiting for an appointment and spent some time randomly surfing around his site. I just removed the link, since I’m not sure I want this guy to notice me. The “impaling list” is just scary. I also found this in the FAQ section:

“Q: Jonathon, how come you profess to be a vampire, when vampires do not exist?
A: Vampyres do exist. Though many who claim to be, are only fetishing. I have been a Sanguinary Vampyre all my life. I started (blood) feeding since I was 5. Thank you for your question. “

It’s all a strange mix of Anti-communism, revenge, violence, and progressive stances on personal rights and religion.

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