Month: May 2007

How to remove a tick (and prevent Lyme Disease)

I recently got a phone call from someone who thought she had a tick on her, so I thought it might be useful to discuss the right–and the wrong–way to remove a tick. If you […]

Astrology in the Classroom!

Today’s issue of Nature contains a letter from a Physics prof, who has found a very creative way to both teach newtonian physics and debunk Astrology! (he doesn’t, however, indicate that it was James Randi […]

Relax, the no-fly list is keeping you safe….

Uh, yeah. There are many stories of people who are on the no fly list mistakenly; and also of the feds being overly intrusive in collecting information. This makes the recent cluster-fuck of a guy […]

Interview with a bee (expert)

Salon has a nice article on Colony Collapse Disorder which is a roundtable interview with 2 bee experts, one atmospheric scientist that keeps bees, and…well.. kind of an odd beekeeper (ignore the completely-over-the-top graphic). Especially […]

Technorati, Attention-whore tendencies, and blog culture

Yep, according to Technorati, I’m now ranked 222,604 in the blogosphere!! Whoo Hoo! From the Technorati Quarterly “State of the Web Report” in April 07: 70 million blogs 120,000 new blogs each day, or…1.4 new […]

Today in History: beekeeper climbs mountain

I mentioned this before, but I thought it was worth mentioning again, since it’s timely.  While Sir Edmund Hillary is known best for climbing mountains, he also was a beekeeper! “05.29.1953: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing […]

Creation Museum Carnival

For those who might have missed it, Pharyngula has a well-organized collection of reactions to the Creation Museum. I can’t bring myself to write about it (Oh, the humanity!), so wanted to make sure you […]

Wi-Fi will kill you! (not)

I link to Bad Science in my blog roll, and this story is one of the reasons why. The BBCrecently aired an alarmist study about  the “dangers” of wireless networking.  Ben takes the BBC and […]