The whole Pharyngula business has made me reflect that there are a few topics that are guaranteed to make me completely go berserk. I really need to remember to just –Stay Out- of some conversation topics.

Here’s the top 5 topics that will make Bug_girl go utterly batshit and loose her temper:

1. Rape. Too much emotion, too many lives that I’ve witnessed destroyed. I just can’t talk about it at all without getting upset.

2. Anti-Evolution drivel. Having experienced death threats, student protests, and just a huge amount of general asshattery around this topic, I’ve just about used all my patience on this topic. The creationists that especially drive me crazy are the ones that don’t even acknowledge that you’ve said something. The conversation usually goes:

Them: “You are teaching evolution! You’ll Die in Hell! (etc.)”
Me, trying for reasonable: “well, actually, you know that belief in a higher power doesn’t have to be in conflict with the biological reality of evolution.”
Them: “women should not preach over men!
[Random Leviticus passage]! Repent!”
Me, deciding to meet them where they live: Oh, you’re a student of the bible? So, can you tell me about the two different versions of creation in Genesis? Doesn’t that and some of the New Testament conflicts suggest it shouldn’t be read as a literal document, but rather as instructions for living a good life?
Them: Not Literal??? [Additional Leviticus passage]! Repent!”
Me, Giving up: Ok. So, wasn’t the central message of Jesus that we should care for one another, and not be judging?

Them: No, it was that if you don’t believe, you’ll burn in hell fire forever.

I can’t tell you how often that conversation happens. It just amazes me, as someone who grew up in a Christian family (and who can quote chapter and verse, if I feel like it), that people think the central message of the Jesus Dude is “believe or die.” Cripes.

3. People who will just believe fucking ANYTHING in the complete and utter absence of physical evidence. You could consider this a subset of #2, except that homeopaths (or crystal shamans) tend to be nicer than creationists. For one, they’ve never tried to kill me.
I usually start getting twitchy in the presence of people trying to convince me homeopathy is good stuff, even though I know they’ve had 2 years of chemistry and should know better. It’s the sheer refusal to see the massive weight of evidence (“La la la, can’t hear youuuuuuu!”) that just makes me loose my temper.

Me: “But Avogadro’s number clearly states….”
Fruitloop: “No, this is different! You don’t understand! It’s maajikal! (Only, like, sciencier than magic).”
Me: *head explodes*

4. People who have never worked at minimum wage who criticize the poor, or the welfare system. And by worked at minimum wage, I mean you lived 6 months or more with NO income other than what you earned. Trying to pay rent, eat, get to work somehow, pay for insurance, and have a life on little income is incredibly difficult.

I’ll listen to you if you’ve been there. But if you are a student who drives around On Campus (!) in your HumVee and spends out of your trust fund, don’t start with me on how welfare queens do nothing and have babies all the time. You’re full of shit. You’ve never had to choose between having heat and having food. Piss off.

There is a subset of this group, 4a, perhaps, that could be described as “I paid my tuition and how dare you give me anything less than a 4.0 and it’s not my fault I missed those two tests.” But that’s a rant for another day.

5. Capri pants. Nuff’ said.

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  1. Hum… I would say that these are five ways to tell you’re probably a very sensible and sane person.

    Maybe one day we’ll all go out of these dark Middle-Ages.

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