Disappearing bees and BS (Cliff notes version)

I stumbled across this today, and thought it might be a good time to collect all the stuff I’ve written about bees lately in one spot. As I mentioned on the SGU podcast, the bee disappearance, plus shoddy reporting, has created a perfect conspiracy theory storm.

From the page I linked to above:
Author, researcher and legend Jim Marrs joins us for an excellent program about mysteries and disappearances. Topics discussed: Missing Bee’s [sic] and the possible connection to chemtrails, global warming, GM Crops, Nanotechnology, Fluoride, The 911 Mystery Plane…”


To revisit several issues:

1. The cell phone thing is WRONG. Not only did the scientists whose work was cited disavow the article, but their work wasn’t actually about cell phones at all.

2. There is no evidence at this time that GM crops, Martians, harmonic convergence, or global warming are involved in Colony Collapse disorder.

You can read my run down of the different proposed causes for Colony Collapse Disorder here, and why some of them are more likely than others here.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. And I appreciate the Brockmanesque comment on my site very much. I enjoyed your interview on SGU also.

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