One logical question following the discussion of tomato pollination, and the decline in honey bees is “what can I do to promote native bee populations?”

Several great publications are available to discuss how to do this.

If you really want to expand your native pollinators, I’d suggest looking into mason bees or orchard bees. They are available for purchase, but you can also create your own nesting boxes and encourage growth of the local population. (Xerces has detailed instructions).

Support your local bees! :)

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. And don’t get any Sevin on the flowers!

  2. interesting post and thanks for all the links! Will check them out!! I think having some of these guys around would be great!

  3. I specialise in planting a variety of nectary crops around my gardens for the benefit of the predators and pollinators. Sometimes it seems like the volunteer fennel and violets will take over part of the veg beds, but where would the butterflies be without them?! The “bee condo” fell down; I need to hang it back up again, in a better location.

  4. I should throw in a link to my two favorite midwest native plant vendors:

    Had great results with plants from both!

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