I wanted to help spread the word about something Dustin at Dysfunctional Analysis alerted me to. He wrote more eloquently than I can about how an the largest dinosaur tracksite in the US is about to become an artillery target range:

The Picket Wire Canyonlands hold not only the largest dinosaur track site in North America, but the ruins of the Dolores Mission, its graveyard, the ruins of an early ranch, and Native American petroglyphs. The historical, scientific and archaeological value of the canyon cannot be overstated….I think it’s time to champion both causes — no expansion into the fragile shortgrass praries of the Comanche Grasslands, no expansion into the Picket Wire Canyon, and no expansion into the ranches and towns that have occupied this region for 150 years. “

Visit Dustin’s blog for more info on how you can help save the dinosaurs! (well, their tracks, anyway.) Or, visit the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition site.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I’ll keep everyone appraised as things develop.

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