You know, not only do I now have to get used to a US in which we can torture people and there is no habeas corpus, but now apparently it’s ok for cops to steal and lie to make a bust.


Before you go all “you hate America” on my ass, let me state that at one time I was proud that we didn’t do all these things, and were strongly against them in other countries. It’s difficult to have the moral high ground when you are knee-deep in bullshit.

Read the Molly Ivins’ column I linked to above (one of her last), and tell me you don’t miss her dearly. We could really use her and Bill Hicks right now.

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  1. Unfortunately, this has been done by some cops for decades. It’s just that in recent years we’ve had laws enforced against such. The bad part is that the pendulum is swinging back to the wink-and-nod tacit or outright “legality”. The whole trend is quite chilling.

    I miss Molly Ivens, too. There’s so much bullshit that even hordes of dungbeetles won’t help. Worse, people just end up running around complaining about the flies instead of addressing WHY …

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