Enjoy the summer! Here at Bug House, we’ll be napping and manuscript writing. There will be no dancing skyclad*–sorry to disappoint the neighbors.

Religioustolerance.org has a really nice summary of the many and varied ways solstice has been celebrated over the ages. Enjoy!


*Check out this page for one of the most entertaining blurbs on a workshop I’ve ever seen:

” Join Betsy as she discusses the merits and joys of circling “skyclad” (clad in the sky — i.e., nude.) What goes on, why do it that way, “can I wear socks?” and other questions answered. “

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Hmph! Back in the day we knew “skyclad” as “streaking”. Then again, running was involved too… : )

  2. Did you wear socks? :D

  3. Socks AND shoes, as we were running down the middle of the road (this was during my high school days).

    I don’t recall that we needed a workshop to discuss the merits of running around nekkid. It was a pretty hastily arranged event, lol….

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