Exciting new research suggests that insecticide-treated bed net use could decrease malaria transmission:

“Although the use of ITNs by vulnerable groups [pregnant women and children under 5–BG] should remain a priority, these findings suggest that the wide-scale ITN use by the entire population should also be promoted. The use of ITNs by about half the population, predict the researchers, could protect all the young children in that population, even those who did not sleep under a net.”

The research this study is based on stems from studies of mosquito behavior, combined with epidemiological data about what level of infection must exist in a population to be sustained.

In an earlier post, I discussed how IPM implementation requires careful study and selection of tactics. Here’s a great example!

This work was funded by the Gates Foundation, who I hope will also fund the follow up studies to validate this model. Or, maybe CEI would care to fund the work, instead of attacking Rachel Carson?

Just a suggestion.

BTW, an article in this week’s PLoS Medicine is titled “The great failure of Malaria control in Africa: a district perspective from Burkina Faso.” DDT isn’t mentioned once–their primary problem is getting appropriate drugs for treatment, and ITN coverage of the population.

Additionally, this article, a review of ITNs for malaria protection of pregnant women, suggests important prevention benefits for those who have nets.

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