Day: July 16, 2007

“Goddess Blessed” Bees as a plot device

Title: Silver May Tarnish Author: Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie Bug Rating: Synopsis: Noble Boy looses castle. Peasant Girl looses family. Girl can talk to magic bees. Boy and Girl chased by bad guys; “warrior” […]

Newest Geek Discovery–Insect PodCasts!!

Two geek outs today: InsectaPod Cast: Episode one is an interview about bedbugs and beekeeping! Via their blog, you can find some other cool podcasts. I especially liked the Museum Detective. SeeqPod Music: It hunts […]

Insects in the news #19

Aphid “Chemical Weapons” Cabbage aphids have developed an internal chemical defense system which enables them to disable attacking predators by setting off a mustard oil ‘bomb’, says new research. Butterfly recovery from bacterial infection An […]