Dang it! Pharyngula keeps beating me to the news:

7/20/07: An anti-evolutionary Christian extremist suspected of sending threatening letters to biology professors at the University of Colorado has gone on the lam, according to a staff member familiar with a police investigation into the matter….

“Staff at the biology department have been issued a picture of Michael Korn, a messianic Jew, who has said he is the “messenger of God” and runs a website called JesusOverIsrael.”

I thought this statment in the wired story, though, was naive:

“How serious are the threats? It’s unknown, but the letters appear to mark one of the most aggressive statements yet in a growing debate over the place of evolutionary theory in education.”

In case you missed it, more on the story, and examples of some other death threats. These letters are mild, compared to some I’ve gotten.

BTW, in case you want to be on the lookout: photo 

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  1. Not to sound petty, but he certainly LOOKS the part, don’t he?

  2. Obviously our professors of biology need more spiders to warn them of dangers!

    (I’m just sure that if I brought Rosie to school, the students would be better behaved. Don’t you?)

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