I definitely am not going to have a good week. Because other people need to learn how to work with technology in our office, rather than relying on me to do it, I’ve been banned by my boss from participating in the major software launch slated for…oh…this WEDNESDAY.

While I concede that someone besides me needs to be marginally techno-savvy, there is little or no planning going on. In fact, 4 of the 5 people on the launch team are out of town until next week. The remaining person….well. She tries really, really hard. So pretty much all my questions about the transition from old to new are being answered with “I don’t know, but there’s a meeting on the 8th when everyone’s back in town.”
Did I mention this is a university-wide system?

I’m also having major issues with our new college web server, which was completely redone by a guy with major inferiority issues. So all changes must go through him. So he can have control.
Oh, and those changes? He’s in the upper peninsula for a week. (His absence is made more irritating by the generally agreed-upon workplace rule that you can’t openly call a coworker an incompetent asshat.)

All of of this, actually, is causing lots of stress, because for the last 5 years I’ve been the go-to tech and web person. And when things appear to be broken, I take the fall for it, even when I have nothing to do with it.

So, things were pretty crappy until I stopped at the library to drop off the latest Harry Potter. (My assessment matches Warren‘s, BTW.) While I was there I found a brand new album by Monserrat Figueras. This woman has an amazing voice, and Lux Feminae lets her shine.

If you listen to early music, you might recognize her name from Hesperion XXI. The Lux Feminae album is a series of compositions for female voice dating from 900-1600 (1000 years of unpopular music?).

My husband is a professional writer; I’m not.
My music reviews tend to lean towards “I like it, it has viol de gamba” or “I don’t like it, too many damn fiddles.” I’m not good at articulating in detail why I like some things, and not others, like he can.

All I can tell you is that her voice is magic. Right now, I’ve eaten some ice cream that I really shouldn’t have. I’m listening to crickets, katydids, and her beautiful music. I feel a lot, lot better.
I think things will turn out OK after all.

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  1. To paraphrase, “The stupid will be with you always.” Likewise the doofi. Sympathies on the techie issues!

  2. Methinks it’s time for you to read another book and let us know if it’s any good! (I’m going on holiday soon …)

  3. you read my mind! I do actually have a book review in the works, and it gets 5 membracids!

  4. Not having a real job, I can’t comment on workplace politics…but Harry Potter? Sure! (no spoilers) Warren’s review can hardly be called a review, since you can’t read it unless you’ve already read the book. I’ll agree that the pacing isn’t the best, but the other points he makes seem to reflect a profound misunderstanding of what’s going in in each of those scenes, especially at the end, with regard to the effect of Harry’s stunning spell. And obviously he wasn’t paying attention in the epilogue, it’s quite clear Harry took very seriously his responsibility to Teddy. Of course, it makes no sense to recommend the book either, since if you haven’t read the series, you won’t read this one, and if you have, you have no choice.

  5. I’ve read them all, and I’ve been feeling an increasing sense of their declining in quality as the series progressed.
    That mainly did relate to the emotional lives of the characters–they are all good reads, and pull you through the story.

    But…later? Once the book is closed? I find the later books to not stand up as well to much cogitation about the story.

  6. I can agree with you on the subtle decline…but oddly, I think the writing itself has improved. As it became more of a saga and less about individual stories, there became more and more things to tie up and more backstory to refer to, and less original material conceptually. I think if they were read all through at once, it would play better. But it’s kind of like arguing for which is your favorite Star Wars movie. Even the worst one is a heck of a bunch more fun than anything else.

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