Tao of the DudeThings have been a little heavy here lately, so I give you: The Church of the Dude.

From Duderonomy, Book 1, V. 5:

“When discussing a matter of grave importance, or even of trifling idiocy, always make sure to employ expletives as much as possible to prove your heartfelt honesty and conviction. To ensure your dudeness, all out-of-control, manic discussions should be followed with entreaties to “just take it easy, man.”

Amazingly, I seem to already be on the path to dudeism. Perhaps I should seek ordination.

In other amusing news, I was in the bank this morning, listening to a dad try to explain money to a 3 year old:

Kid: “What’s that?”
Dad: “It’s money.”
Kid: “No it isn’t! It’s paper!” (giggles)
Dad: “Yes it is. See? Look, it has numbers on it. This is a 10 dollar bill.”
Kid: (tone of scorn) “That’s not money. Money is metal! Silly Daddy.”
Dad: “See, paper money is used just like metal money. It’s a symbol of how we exchange…..”
Kid: (runs away shrieking) “Shiny!”

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  1. This is a MUCH easier conversation to have when one is using shiny, colorful Euros instead of dull American dollars. They make even more sense because the bigger the denomination, the bigger the bill! (I think that’s to help blind people, but it just makes all kinds of intuitive sense, too.)

    I’m also quite fond of pound coins — have a few of those in your pocket, and you feel like you really have some money on you! Not like those Susan B Anthonys and such. The US Mint seems to lack some basic concepts about what makes coins functional for users!

  2. Seems to me the kid is a lot brighter than the Dad…

  3. come on Shane–don’t start with the libertarian stuff, ok?

  4. Hey, you can’t start what you never stopped!

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