Month: August 2007

Exciting new malaria research

This is very exciting news, and hopefully will lead to more research: “The team found that humans and the mosquitoes that carry the malaria parasite share the same complex carbohydrate, heparan sulfate. In both humans […]

Cicadas Attack Japan!

That’s some serious Cicada Action documented in this week’s Nature: A cicada known as the kumazemi is descending on Japan en masse, deafening the citizens and wreaking havoc on the country’s fibre-optic system. The 6- […]

The spider(s) that ate Texas

This awesome photo is the subject of much discussion among entomologists lately. (larger photo here) Is it from a massive dispersal of spiderlings? Or is it part of a communal web? Many people don’t realize […]

New survey: most people get health info online

The National Institute of Health (NIH) just released a report that says the majority of Americans turn to the Web as their first source of information for Cancer. This is somewhat disturbing, since there is […]

Wandering Petallidae

Carl Zimmer’s Loom has a great story up about why a group of tiny daddy-long-legs relatives, the Petallidae, is so widely distributed across the world. Check it out! “Below is a map of where other […]

Peppered Moth Vindication

For an old school biologist like me (well, OLD, anyway), the story of the peppered moth in Britain was always a cool one, involving a mix of behavior and predation. All sorts of Creationist accusations […]

Cool entomology videos at TOL

I just found a great new video/podcast repository: Tree of Life Podcasts Some really cool videos–go on a bird count, blacklighting in a desert canyon…nifty! Many of these also have related lesson plans attached, and […]

A Butt-Bug

From the “I am totally mystified and fascinated by Asian Culture” department: The bug that bites your butt. (Apparently hugely popular in Japan) EDITED 11/27 TO ADD: Darn! the original was removed. Try this movie. […]