Everytime I write about something great I’ve cooked (it’s rare enough that I write about it!), I get asked for recipes. The problem is, I generally cook by throwing things together. Even when there is a recipe, I tend to use it as suggested guidelines, not rules. The Big Mamma tomato

This also means that I never know, exactly, when things will be “done”, or how it will taste. And that the process involves continual tasting, until things are done. If you are fussy about having perfectly sterile food that fingers have never touched, and that wasn’t double dipped, you won’t be happy at my house.

With those caveats, here is my mustgo stew:

  • 1 package of beef stewing meat
  • The large collection of ripe tomatoes that have piled up on the counter, because I was trying to protect them from caterpillars
  • the equally large collection of peppers (mostly Poblano, but also some green peppers, and some Serranos for a little bit of heat, but not too much.)
  • Lots of cumin. In fact, more than I planned, because I tapped it to hard and dumped a ton in.
  • Pepper and olive oil
  • A big bunch of cilantro, and a little bit of Italian flat parsley, which I accidentally yanked off. Also some oregano, and a splash of red wine.
  • 1 can of garbanzo beans near it’s expiration date
  • lots and lots of garlic. I think I used 5 cloves? 6?

Turn crock pot to high. Throw in the stew meat and a little olive oil to brown. Return 15 minutes later to figure out why meat isn’t brown. Plug in afore-mentioned crock pot.

Once meat is brown, dump in chopped peppers and garlic. Stir and brown some more. Then dump in peeled/chopped tomatoes, big blop of cumin, and chopped cilantro.

Let sit for a while while you watch Mythbusters, and ponder why traffic on the site jumped up so amazingly when you mentioned Kari Byron in a post in the past. Wonder if it will work to boost traffic again.

mustgo stew

Check on pot; stir and turn to low. Throw in some more spices, and the garbanzos. Watch the Daily Show.

Eat it when it’s ready, or you can’t stand to wait any longer. Reflect that this would be probably better project to start on a morning weekend, but that wasn’t when the tomatoes were ripe.

(BTW, the photo at the top is of a new variety of Roma I’m growing this year, the Big Momma. Yum!

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Posted by Gwen Pearson

Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!


  1. Looks a bit like chili, to me! *shifty eyes*

    So, was it delish??

  2. TOTALLY delish. I’m having a second bowl right now, in fact :)

    It’s kinda chili-ish. But no chili powder. (Although if I’d had it in the kitchen, I would have thrown it in!)

  3. Mn, does sound good. I REALLY need to tackle the weeds this weekend, and water stuff. My luck, we’ll get just enough rain from this thundersotrm to make all the cherry tomatoes crack.

    The tomato plants looked spindly — before vacation I knocked 159 ash-grey blister beetles to their doom into a bowl of soapy water. (yes, I counted! Equiring minds, and all that). I really hate those bastards — have to use the long cooking chopsticks to flick them into the bowl.

    BTW, put up some more big bad bug pix last night!

  4. Looks wonderful. I’m currently unhappy because all the rain we have been getting has caused some of my beautiful Italian eggplants to mold on the plants. They weren’t even in contact with the ground or anything. Not fair!!!

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