A ring of butterfly poachers is shut down by the US Fish and Wildlife Service!

“In the cutthroat world of butterfly poaching, Hisayoshi Kojima was king. He bragged he was the Indiana Jones of butterfly smugglers, that he commanded a global network of poachers. From Jamaica he could get the giant swallowtail Papilio homerus, whose velvety black and gold wings are depicted on the country’s $1,000 bank note. From the Philippines he could get the Luzon peacock swallowtail or Papilio chikae. And from Papua New Guinea he could get what many dealers had never even seen: the prized Queen Alexandra’s birdwing.

All are endangered, protected by international and U.S. wildlife laws. It is illegal to catch, kill or import them….Under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) special permits are required to transport endangered animals across borders. CITES also bans the worldwide trade of species that are on the verge of extinction.”

Awesome job shutting that bastard down! :)

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  1. Why is it that the image that comes to mind when reading this was drawn in the eighties by Gary Larson?

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