Cripes. From Wired:

Gary Bekkum at Starstream Research questions whether the CIA actually had the information it needed to foresee 9/11, and just didn’t realize it. How’s that? Well, the intel community’s psychics may have predicted it back in 1986…

Gary….has spent a lot of time sifting through declassified documents relating to the intelligence program; he recently put up some of the declassified raw reports that he says may indicate foreknowledge of 9/11.

OOOH! Psychics predicted a big building would catch on fire and fall down! Spooooky.

There are a lot of Docs scanned in at that site, and they are pretty amazing (in terms of willful self delusion on the part of the feds).

There’s also a rating of our “Spacetime Threat Level,” which is apparently the regular federal threat level “enhanced” with data from psychics.

Presented for your amusement (or tooth gnashing).

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Scary. Scarier. Scariest.

    Seriously, is this possible?

  2. It’s pretty well established both that the federal government has spent money on psychics, and there was a recent release of a huge amount of formerly classified material. It’s very likely that those documents are the real thing.

    If by “is this possible” you mean “does that loon think psychics are for real”, the answer is also probably, and regrettably, yes.

  3. Jeez Louiz … who hired those psychics, Nancy Reagan?!

  4. Well, thinking a second, I want to be a psychics too

    I just have vertigo thinking all of this is just a few decades ago. How can such a level of delusion can possibly be achieved? I mean, it’s not just a single individual suffering a severe psychological stress, here, it’s a whole administration…

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