I’ve been craving chocolate lately, but….:

Chocolate munchers in South Korea were horrified to discover worms and moths crawling out of their favourite confectionery.
Customers made the gruesome discovery when unwrapping the Chinese-manufactured chocolates, which imitate a popular international chocolate brand. (Link)

The article has both pictures and video(!) of the caterpillars walking out of the chocolate.

It also contains this statement: “the larvae of Plodia Interpun were found”, which was probably supposed to be written as  Plodia interpunctella, the Indianmeal Moth.

That caterpillar will find it’s way into almost anything,  and is the bane of stored foodstuffs everywhere. The Extension article about the mealmoth that I linked above has some great suggestions to try to keep it to a minimum in your house.

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  1. For when you’re out of theobromine: get some “Geeks in Love” — cheesy cartooning, but bunches of well, geeky inside jokes!

  2. lol thanks for ruining chocolate for me ;)

  3. OMG – nationwide panic if there is a recall on Chinese chocolate!

  4. The news item doesn’t say which “popular international chocolate brand” they were imitating.

  5. SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

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