A chef in Australia is promoting bogong moths as a tasty, hazelnut-flavored treat:

“‘They have a lovely popcorn flavour, like hazelnut,’ he said. Mr. Bruneteau, who has run “bush tucker” restaurants in Sydney and Paris, suggests pulling off the “furry” wings, then popping the moths in the oven for three minutes in a splash of canola oil. Alternatively the chef, who trained in the Royal Australian Navy, recommends putting them through a coffee blender and sprinkling the resulting powder into an omelette, pancake or crepe.”

I also find coffee grinders are very useful for making mealworm flour.  You roast the mealworms until they’re crisp, and then grind them into flour. Makes a great high-protein addition to bread, and adds a nutty taste. You could probably substitute them in this cornbread recipe.

If you haven’t visited the Food Insects Website, I highly recommend it.


Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. You know, I’ve eaten all manner of strange things, but I can honestly say that I’ve never tried to eat a bug (intentionally, anyway). I… just don’t know if I could do it!

  2. My cat ate a moth this past summer, and proceeded to vomit on the carpet. I for one would take that as an indication that moths are not very good eatin’… for cats anyway.

    And since my wife is, once again, in the process of trying to become vegetarian, moths will be pretty much universally off the menu in our household.

  3. You have to take the wings off, or they are a bit of a problem. Eating a moth with the wings on is like eating a candy bar with the wrapper still on. Not an optimal experience.

  4. Somehow I am not surprised that the chef trained in the Royal Australian Navy. I ate some very weird stuff – quite possibly made from bugs – when I served in the United States Navy. Naval vessels have a long tradition of serving bugs – going back to the British Navy and weevils in the hardtack – but they’re generally not an official part of the menu.

    I might actually try the mealworm thing. “Michael’s Mealworm Muffins” has a nice ring to it…

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