More insect food!

Wired had a feature this week on the “Most Curious Canned Goods Online” and one definitely is on my list: Canned pupae.Yummy pupae!

Silkworm Pupae
Literally meaning pupa or chrysalis,
beondegi are popular Korean street snacks, often dished out by the cupful to eager passers-by. The stewed and seasoned silkworm treats come highly recommended as bar bites. Next time you crave a quick mouthful on the go, grab a can of these crunchy chrysalises.”

I also found a list of 32 edible insect foods you can buy online, but they were mostly the usual chocolate covered ants. Ho Hum. The “smokey BBQ scorpions” though, did look intriguing.

4 thoughts on “More insect food!

  1. I’m surprised I missed this one before. I actually tried silkworm pupae from a street stall while in Korea (though not before I learnt what they were, because I didn’t want to try anything that looked that vile unless I could brag about what it was). I only managed two before quietly chucking the rest in the bin. They tasted exactly like mushrooms picked too old, when they’ve become all sporey.

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