Today was my first day of work at my new job, and I’m totally whipped. So, here’s some stuff I saw this week that made me laugh out loud:Subtle. Real Subtle.

A review of some romance novel covers.
And, this group of covers were pretty hilarious, too. You can see an example of the finely nuanced subtlety of the genre at the right.

Also, they have a great review of the Creation Museum Adam and Eve diorama as a romance novel ripoff.

(What?? I found it by reading the PC magazine 100 favorite blogs.)

Also: Best. Book. Title. EVAR. (NSFW, maybe?)

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  1. Hmm. I remember my mom had a box of Silhouette novels when I was a little kid. I could always find the sex parts because there would be a big ol’ crease in the binding at that point… :P

  2. I go back and forth about how I feel about romance novels. (50% of all books sold in the US are romance.)

    On the one hand, people are reading–that’s good!
    On the other hand, people are reading the same plot over and over, and too many of the books reinforce some crazy unrealistic ideas–men can be changed by the love of a good woman, abusive men really love you, and hate can turn into love.

    Of course, many of them are soft porn, so I suppose if you quantified the percentage of DVDs sold to men that are porn, and the percent of books sold to women…maybe it all balances out :)

  3. The only romance novels I like are the old ones by Tami Hoag (before she was famous), and that’s because she would actually throw in an interesting plot… now she writes suspense novels, and they are GOOD!

  4. So where’s “Kicked In The Butt By Love” by Velvet Jones?

  5. Hey! Who put my picture on the cover of that novel?

  6. I didn’t know your…..weapon…..was that large.

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