The Happy Hopper

I’ve been thinking about hauling records around with me ad infinitum (see earlier post), which made me think of the plant hoppers, or Fulgoroidea. Their youngsters sometimes cart around a surprising amount of wax:

waxy hopper

The adults often carry around wax as well, and females in particular cover eggs with wax to protect them from dessication (and, presumably, predation).
On this page you’ll see some nymphs who have twirled their wax into long tails, rather like a Dali mustache.* Or, how about the awesomely named  “green-faced wattle hopper“?

If you want to see some really nifty examples, visit this page and this one!
[Thanks to Artour for the photo. ]

*Actually, the wax probably just grows asymmetrically. But it’s funnier to imagine them twirling it.

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