It was only last August that the DNR posted a notice of how much it was cutting back on it’s website. Over 100 positions went vacant; huge cut backs have been made.

And now this morning, the Auditor General agrees with the DNR that even more drastic cuts will have to be made, especially if the current level of funding remains the same, or declines. (We still don’t have a state budget, you know.)

A more complete (text) list of the impacts is available at the MUCC (Michigan United Conservation Clubs) website, and it’s pretty amazing. Some highlights(?):

  • Eliminate use of Great Lakes research vessels
  • Close research station
  • Reduce conservation officers
  • Elimination of natural features inventory reviews
  • Closure of at least 37 state parks and recreation areas and scenic sites
  • Closure of 8 interpretative centers
  • Elimination of general conservation law enforcement by conservation officers
  • Reduce disease surveillance for bovine tuberculosis

When will the state realize that much of what is left of our economy is agricultural and tourism?
Not anytime soon, apparently :(

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. IMHO, much of our economy is now a cannibalistic “service” economy in which no wealth is produced. So the need to preserve wealth, in the form of conservation, no longer exists. This is the world of “supply-side economics”, low or non-existent taxes on the rich and the curtailment of “unnecessary” services.

  2. Ouch. The Illinois DNR went through something similar a few years ago. I hope Michigan can stave this off, the results have been horrible here. Many in the environmental community were initially thrilled when the governorship went Democratic after decades. One of the first things the new gov did was to gut the DNR.

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