Creative suggestions needed

I am trying to think of something creative to do with 300+ now defunct business cards. There is writing on both sides, BTW. Help! Ideas?

The trip out to the Biological Station has been fairly hazardous this week–there isn’t anything in the back of my car any more, since I’ve slammed on the brakes so many times to avoid deer in the road.  It’s all gone flying into the front seat.  (Of course, this means cleaning my car is now considerably easier.)

It’s a really long drive, and I’m having to rethink the plan to not move. If you want a deal on a rural Michigan farmhouse, let me know!

6 thoughts on “Creative suggestions needed

  1. Keep the house, dump the freeloader.

    Use of old cards:
    .line drawers
    .line cabinets
    .absorb oil spills
    .squash roaches
    .wallpaper bathroom
    .employ freeloader to erase them
    .ask Martha Stewart

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