Month: November 2007

Japan, insects, and a high jump

Something fun for a Friday afternoon!  I have commented before on how I find Japanese culture both baffling and fascinating. The butt-biting bug was one example–here’s another one. A game show contest that involves a […]

Aphid Farming!

A really cool new paper about just how ants keep aphids as “cattle”: Ant semiochemicals limit apterous aphid dispersal. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Thomas H Oliver, et al. Some background: Aphid […]

New post at Skepchick: Porn and Libraries

Yes, after a long hiatus, I posted something over at Skepchick! Seems a lady discovered there was PORN (i.e, romance novels) in her public library! And they let her teenager check one out! And the […]

Bees and silk

Several other insects besides silkworms make silk, but not much has been known about the structure of those compounds. Bee and ant larvae produce silk and, although the silks in all these species are produced […]

OMG of the week

Totally NOT safe for work, but insect related. And you know you can count on The Bug to bring you all things Insectile! A vibrating dragonfly for your penis: “Like the edible costume jewelry we […]

Ghost bug!

Someone did an AWESOME job of putting together a video demonstrating that the “ghost” visible on this gas station camera was actually…an insect. He included footage of other famous ghost insects from the past as […]

This made me very mad

…and I’m trying to decide what to do about it. I got my page proofs last night for a journal article in an Entomological Society of America journal. Yay!  But here’s what pissed me off […]

Mexico acts to protect Monarchs

Mexico takes action to try to stop illegal logging: “The 50 million peso (US$4.6 million, €3.1 million) plan will buy equipment and advertising for the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a 124,000-acre (50,180-hectare) wooded park in […]

Arthropod news roundup

I’m afraid I have been a very Bad Bug Blogger lately–I am sooooo swamped. My new job is kicking my butt (in a good way). Oh, and there’s the little matter of a paper I’m […]