These made me laugh, and I’m in favor of laughing on a Sunday, which is almost Monday. Which means I have to get back to work and quit goofing off.

Should have worked out more
Now deathless and eternal
doughy midsection


Oh lame emo boy
Trent Reznor would kick your ass
Don’t wear manliner

These were from a contest by the Smart Bitches, who also have posted the 8 worst lines from Sci-Fi erotica. That led me to the 10 wierdest time travel missions and 9 worst moments in sci-fi history.

Oh hell, here’s all the top 10 lists from this year for Sci-fi.
Don’t miss the top 10 Sci-fi Ice Cream Flavors; Obi Wan Spumoni made me almost destroy my keyboard with coffee.

Oh, and there are top 10 science lists too–
check out the top 7 health scams involving insects. (based on this real-life event.)

I’m never getting my grading done now.

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