We actually got our first snow last night. I began to finish up a post about mosquito control today, and then I realized that no one in the Midwest really has an urgent need to deal with mozzies right now!

In other news, I discovered that Vox ex Machina is keeping a College Racism Roundup. Depressing reading, but useful to have it all collected in one spot.

I suggested they add the slimy right wing student group at MSU: “Young Americans for Freedom.” This group is recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. YAF recently invited a British National Party to talk to their group, and it turns out (not surprisingly) quite a few neo-nazi types showed up as well. YAF has also brought in virulent anti-gay speakers, and sponsored a “catch an illegal immigrant” day.

It’s really hard to get my head around how students could be involved in this, and I’ve seen some of their flyers on visits to campus. Pretty freaky stuff. Today the news is that MSU has sent a warning letter to the group, and YAF is predictably claiming repression. Read the comments on that story at the student newspaper, and weep for our future.

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  1. In my part of California we have no snow but we do have West Nile Virus and I’ll keep watching for that mosquito control post. We have a new mosquito issue in my area this year – the mortgage crisis has forced many houses into foreclosure and dozens of abandoned swimming pools are turning into swamps.

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