Thank You Mister Policeman Officer Sir.

I now have a 45 mile commute from my house out to my new job, all through 2-lane rural roads. I was completely zoned out and speeding on one of the few straight spots with no deer, and got pulled by a cop.

Mr. Policeman was extremely suspicious of me, and in retrospect, I can see why.  First, I’m driving this hippie hybrid car, which looks kinda insight

Then, in this car is a woman wearing what is clearly Aggie, not Hippie, clothing–Carhartts–and a John Deere Cap.

In the back of the car, there are 10 bamboo poles, covered in electrical tape–my escrima sticks. Mr. Police Man was very interested in these potential weapons.

And, right about the time I roll down the window to give him my license, the Ray Charles CD I’m listening to switches to the track “Let’s Go Get Stoned.”

Despite all of this he let me go with a warning.  Thank you!!

[car photo credit]

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