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  1. I liked it. Way to go science!

  2. I only caught the last half of it. I suppose I’ll see it again after Friday.

    What struck me was how bitter and resentful the defendants were about the decision. Especially one guy, (I think it was Buckingham, but I’m not sure) who straight out called the judge a jackass. It seems to me that John Jones made the only reasonable decision he could have reached given the evidence as it was presented.

    They could have had any number of reactions; they could have accepted defeat and moved on, they could have looked farther into real science, and maybe even learned something, or they could have gone back to the drawing board and tried again. Instead, they just get bitter, and resentful, and resort to name-calling.

  3. Yes, it was a very good show. One wonders when the creationists will give it up. Mixing science and myth does a disservice to both. I don’t get why people can’t appreciate both for what they are, and maybe even see how they compliment one another.

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