Burt’s Bees purchased by Clorox

From Forbes Magazine:

“The Burt’s Bees brand is well-anchored in sustainability and health and wellness, and we believe it will benefit from natural and “green” tailwinds,” said Clorox Chief Executive Donald R. Knauss. “It’s in an economically attractive category with a margin structure that will be highly accretive to Clorox.”

So far, lots of little east coast companies have been sucked up by larger corporations (Ben and Jerry’s, Tom’s of Maine) and it really hasn’t gone very well for the employees.

I’d much rather purchase something from a small independent than a giant company. But, aside from our local folks, I guess  that’s just about impossible these days.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I heard about this a couple weeks ago and stocked up on my favorite Burt’s Bees products.

  2. My wife wasn’t very happy about it.

  3. This bugs me. i remember when it happened to Tom’s and I wasn’t sure the deordorant would remain as unstinky as it was. it did, but I am not so sure that Colgate needs my money that badly. I can only hope that it causes more giagantor companies to consider using resources as responsibly as the companies they took over.

  4. Holy cows!

    Personally, I think it’s sad when giant companies go swallowing up smaller, independent companies. Those smaller companies, who have had to create a market niche in order to succeed against the competition, add so much diversity to the commercial landscape, in more ways than just brand labels on the shelves.


    and “natural and green tailwinds”?! WTF

    I guess this will end up making my lip balm extra zingy with new, improved Clorox bleach…

  6. It’s interesting that most people seem unhappy with Clorox about this; my take is that Burt’s Bees is the bad guy here. Choosing Clorox as a merger partner hardly seems appropriate for a company that was built on natural ingredients, even if it was a great deal from the financial standpoint.

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