Ok, I really, really want to know how I got on someone’s list as a person to plug stuff. Once again, I have gotten a contact from a PR person! This one, at least, I don’t mind promoting. NOVA usually does a good job.

NOVA will have a show tomorrow night (Nov. 20th) about the Mofu people of Africa, and their attempt to use ants to control a termite problem. I’m really not sure whether this is an anthropological show, or an entomological one! It looks like they will cover social insects and entomophagy during the course of the show.

They also have an Amazing Ants game, which you might like to try your hand at.  It does have some nice photos of different types of unusual ants.

Master of the Killer Ants; Air Date Nov. 20th
Check your Local PBS station for air time!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. You probably got on their mailing list after you linked to their documentary on Kitzmiller v Dover last week. You page probably showed up as a referring page in their log files, or they Googled themselves and found you that way.

  2. yeah, but imagining a giant conspiracy of PR people is way more fun…… :D

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