I really wish I could say this surprises me:

New FBI statistics showed hate crimes in Michigan — where incidents are third-highest in the nation — increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2006, rising to 653 reported incidents, up from 640 in 2005 and 556 in 2004.”

That article has some graphics that chart trends, and descriptions of some recent hate crimes in Michigan. The CMU incident was particularly despicable–4 nooses in a classroom.

I’ve mentioned the activity of a hate group at MSU before here. I still really want to believe that college students would be more enlightened, despite the 15 years of evidence I’ve seen of of badly written, narrow-minded papers and even worse behavior. Vox et Machina continues to update their College Racism Roundup, and it continues to be depressing.


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  1. Huh. That’s a surprise to me; I’d have guessed that the bible belt states would sweep that list.

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