Mexico takes action to try to stop illegal logging:

“The 50 million peso (US$4.6 million, €3.1 million) plan will buy equipment and advertising for the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a 124,000-acre (50,180-hectare) wooded park in Mexico’s Michoacan state, where clouds of orange- and black-winged butterflies nest each winter after flying south from Canada and the U.S.”

This is good news, and I really hope it works.

BTW, Journey North is a cool participatory web project on Monarch migration–check it out!

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  1. Nice post. Thank goodness they’re working to preserve the Monarch habitat. It’s like the one butterfly EVERYONE knows, and what would that say about humanity if we disposed of Monarch habitat! I will check out the “Journey North” site…looks cool.

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