Something fun for a Friday afternoon!  I have commented before on how I find Japanese culture both baffling and fascinating. The butt-biting bug was one example–here’s another one.

A game show contest that involves a high jump. But…also…
The contestants are dressed as giant insects.
And if you fail at the high jump, two girls dressed as spiders eat stinky food and breathe on you.

The video is not hosted on YouTube, so I can’t post it. But….wow.  Click on the link above and be amazed. (Also, if anyone can get me the green bug costume, it would look really awesome on me.)

Thank you for finding this,  :Data What:!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I swear those game-show designers drink WAAAY too much saki.

    BTW, my plate’s full right now, but I thought you’d really get a kick out of this: Parachuting Cats Into Borneo.

  2. Haha.. Really funny japanese in bug uniforms! Did you manage to find a costume?

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