Advice from the blogosphere needed

So, I basically have 3 days until I leave for the Entomological Society meeting. And I haven’t written anything other than the abstract for my poster (which I wrote in June).  The problem with posters is that you have to have the thing printed and done well in advance of actually getting on the plane. This is why I usually do a presentation, since I can continue to PIDOMA* it and fiddle with data up until 30 minutes before I present.

I have no idea why I thought a poster would be a good idea.  D’oh!

So here’s my dilemma:

  • Do I pull it all together at the last minute and risk doing a half-@ssed job?
  • Do I cancel the paper, when I’m clearly going to be walking around the meetings?
  • Do I do something clever and creative that sort of addresses the topic I’m supposed to cover, but also acknowledges I have a new job, and frankly it just didn’t get done.

I’m leaning toward canceling myself, but I do have a cute creative idea. Unfortunately, my experience is that  creativity and humor is rarely rewarded at these meetings.

Comments? Validate my decision, blogosphere!!


* PIDOMA, verb. Acronym for “pull it directly out of my ass.” Pronounced Pid-Oh-Ma.  “You want a new web database? By Tomorrow? Yeah, I’ll PIDOMA that.”

10 thoughts on “Advice from the blogosphere needed

  1. Oh hell! I did a poster, and much rather would have done a presentation. Unless you’ve some really patient pals to help proofread, I’d say drop it. Posters are a PITA to do well, on account of the need to be clear, photogenic, interesting and BRIEF. (Of course, with my background in proofreading, layout, typography and photography, I’m a little picky …)

    Plus, do you really feel like dragging your poster tube through airport security and whatnot?

  2. I say F*** ’em and do something crazy! It’s delightful to learn about PIDMAing- I’ve always wondered exactly what to call it.

    (by the way, I’m not a nutty stalker, I was just asking Alex for permish to use a photo and am procrastinating my PIDMA process by crossreferencing bug blogs).

    See you in San Diego!

  3. Hmmm, I dunno. My experience at conferences has been that no one even looks at the posters or maybe gives them a cursory glance at best.
    Of course, if you HAD invited me along I could have carried the thing through the airport for you, but no…(::shoveling of guilt::)

  4. I thought about that, and then I thought about how much nicer my life would be if I just gave up and didn’t kill myself trying to do this in 2 days.

    I canceled the paper.
    And I haven’t canceled a paper in 25 years.

  5. Too late, but for future reference, back in the day, we used to print out posters tiled onto 8.5″x11″/A4 paper and then tape/pin them up. It has the same information content and costs less than a dollar. Easier to carry and less painful than having Kinko’s pull $150 OYA.

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