Oh, this is gorgeous! Check out Form and Pheromone. And make sure you don’t have any work that needs to get done for a while as you click through all the beautiful work on the site (and don’t miss this one!).wow

I did not, alas, find any prices. Which usually means I can’t afford it.

I was going to save this to post while I’m away next week, but I couldn’t wait. It’s too wonderful. Want!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. OMG! Did you check out the picture of the artist?
    Excuse me, I have to go get some ice water…pant, pant!

  2. Wait–what? where is that? *bug runs to look*

    OMG. Is that really him? It looks like a scan of a romance novel cover…..
    Hey, found out there is a 2008 calendar you can get with these images!

    (totally non subtle hint)

  3. His art work is absolutely amazing. I love it. (He’s also hawt, eh?)

  4. My daughter got me that calendar last year; I saved it just for the pictures! (-:

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