“On the website Oroscopo Degli Insetti, 14 spineless critters represent the arthropod version of your astrological self. “

Rubber Slippers explains it for you. Well, Sort of. I am apparently a wasp (Vespa)–as translated by Babelfish:

“Vespa: the symbol of annoying insistence and satire.”

HEY! My personality is further described as:

“The sensitive receptive type vespa and much resistant one. It succeeds to joyfully manifest in the daily paper its intimate, rich universe of fantasy and of [some stuff that didn’t translate]. he upsets it, also of forehead to the weight of serious problems and unsurpassable obstacles, it succeeds to face them and to resolve them. In tender love and, sentimental and faithful; even if to depend easy on the emotions that they inhibit it, it succeeds to control and to express with wisdom its feeling.

I doubt it made sense even before BabelFish got a hold of it :D
Browse the site via Google Translate for much hilarity.

(image via alli cat)

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  1. Hey, I thought “Vespa” was the Bond girl in Casino Royale!

  2. I thouht Vespa was a motorbike…

  3. Wasn’t Vespa the goddess of the hearth or something?

    …as for the other stuff…I say nothing!;-)

  4. MANTIDE RELIGIOSA (Praying mantis)

    Qualità: pazienza (Quality: patience)
    Difetti: aggressività (Faults: aggressiveness )


    Individuals with big personalities, moderate associali, especially females. In workers are dominant, are hardly tame, try always to have the situation under control. Curano much their hobby and not renounce ever to be gifts.

  5. Hmmm…I turned out to be a mantid! I’m not too thrilled about this…we all KNOW what happens to the males of that species! I was afraid to translate it, lol….

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