I listed our house at FSBO.com last night, and today I’m looking in our local newspaper…and discovering that over 150 houses are in foreclosure in my county alone.
Oh dear.For you? Such a Deal!
They aren’t kidding about Michigan being#2 in foreclosures nationally. Oh, and we also have the highest unemployment rate.

So, my Xmas project is frantically cleaning the house. I’m suspicious that it won’t really matter. But the 150 mile daily commute to my new job is really a drag, and I’d like to move closer if I can.

In other, happier news:

The full list of nominees for Open Lab 2007 is up, just in time for you to be antisocial and spend all Xmas reading great blog posts about science!

And, Rebecca of Skepchick‘s new public radio show is up and available for download! Skepticism on the radio!! If you like it, contact your local public station and ask them to pick it up. It will be airing in NYC and Seattle soon :D

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. So … the good news is, you would have plenty of places to choose from to buy and new house — and the bad news is, it would be harder’n’ell to see your current house.

    Damn, that’s a long commute you have!

  2. Ugh, don’t tell me that. I hope that houses are selling better in five or six years when I’m ready to relocate. Either that or I better have won the lottery by then…

  3. yeah, it’s a long way, but it’s totally worth it. I’m actually high enough on the food chain now to make and implement policy. :)

    Like, no more breeding and selling of introduced species at the bird sanctuary!!!
    (leftover from the 50’s–they sell game birds.)

  4. ok, we just had our first couple look at the house. They called from the driveway to ask if they could come in and look around.
    I caved and let them in. (Who the hell house hunts on Xmas eve??)
    I have to hurry up with that cleaning ASAP!

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