I’m having trouble finding out where this guy was driving, but I strongly suspect they may have gone by my house:

Lansing State Journal
“CHARLOTTE – An Eaton Rapids man authorities say let his 9-year-old son help drive his pickup on Christmas Eve because he was drunk has been charged with operating while intoxicated and second-degree child abuse….Olson has at least two previous drunken driving convictions…..The boy told deputies that his father had him drive because he had been drinking.”

Having your kid drive so you don’t get another DUI makes total sense, if you are completely freakin’ wasted.  

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Sadly, rural Michigan doesn’t have a monopoly on this kind of stupidity. It permeates the countryside.

  2. Yeah, but at least the kid didn’t take out our mailbox. :)

  3. He should have let his dog drive instead.

  4. I did find out where he was driving–not near us, as it turns out. Whew!

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