No, it’s been pretty thoroughly demonstrated that insects can’t transmit HIV. However, France has a pretty astonishing ad campaign (NSFW?) that uses two Arachnids to suggest unprotected sex can be dangerous. Interestingly, the spider is in the right position for actual sex, since sperm packets are transmitted via pedipalps. (Assuming it’s a male spider, anyway–can’t tell from the photo.) The scorpion photo has a certain “bend over boyfriend” quality.

The caption apparently says “Without a condom, you’re making love to AIDS. Protect yourself.” The sponsoring organization is Aides, although I couldn’t find it on their website. Of course, I don’t speak French, so my searches were a little…ineffective.

Waggle of the antennae to Jenny for spotting this–it seems like these have been on the interwebs for a while, but they are new to me!

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, thanks SeedsAside! He pointed out a more recent campaign from the same group involving insects and interspecies sex. A butterfly having anal sex with an ant–kind of disturbing. At least the katydid and the bee both look happy.

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: Oh, I’m told it’s not supposed to represent anal sex. Well, I’ll just withhold comment, since it will probably reveal more about me than I really want…..

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  1. I didn’t find it neither, but these are quite recent campaigns, and this one is a bit old.

    Insects have been used again in information campaigns, follow the link and scroll down:

    (the caption is something like “Summertime allows to meet new people. Protect yourself.”)

  2. “Well, I’ll just withhold comment, since it will probably reveal more about me than I really want…..”

    I’m pretty sure the edit revealed more than any further comment might! And you say you’re socially challenged… *wink*

    Sure wish I could read French. The pictures alone had me rolling and holding my sides

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